EMPOWERED HUMAN with Nina Garcia

Disowning & Owning Hidden Identities with Nina Garcia

March 29, 2023 Nina Garcia Season 4 Episode 13
EMPOWERED HUMAN with Nina Garcia
Disowning & Owning Hidden Identities with Nina Garcia
Show Notes

Hiding who you are - and how you exist in this world - can be an exhaustingly performative experience. Some of these parts are identities we are aware of yet choose to hide; some don’t know how to exist; some unfold to us over time. Listen in as Nina explores her response to hearing her husband was “attracted to men”, and how she was able to address the emotional landscape that followed. CW: We have nuanced conversations on this podcast from the experience of a neurodivergent individual. You’re invited to play - and as with all invitations - you are able to decline the invite. The choice is yours 💌

Get ready to: 

💌Play with an Empowered mindset.

💌Explore Transparency, Responsibility, and Accountability when it comes to hidden identities & the choices we make.

💌Challenge yourself to courageously exist.


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Triggered Topics: Powered vs Empowered - Queer Identity - Marriage/Divorce. 

Whether it's you who struggles with these moments as a trigger or someone you know - we can all use tools to recondition cultural beliefs that aren't realistic or helpful to our personal experience as a human being. It starts with you, so have a journal on hand or a good friend to dialogue with what comes up for you in this episode. And if you can't play with this today? That's okay too. Stay curious. We'll see you later, or in the next episode friend.

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