EMPOWERED HUMAN with Nina Garcia

How to Own Your Truth: Securely & Insecurely

March 01, 2023 Nina Garcia Season 4 Episode 9
EMPOWERED HUMAN with Nina Garcia
How to Own Your Truth: Securely & Insecurely
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Are you busy minimizing yourself so that others can feel more secure? Or maybe *dare I say it* you've gotten into the habit of minimizing others...so that you can feel more secure? Whichever the case, listen in to gain a new perspective on recognizing insecurity, identifying oppressive Powered Dynamics, and liberating you from a (usually) less than intentional habit of minimizing.

Get ready to:

💌Recognize insecure vs secure dynamics.

💌 Identify how you might be engaging with minimizing yourself and/or others.

💌 Explore how to Own Your Truth and use curiosity to find your way back to security. 


🎁My Husband's New Girlfriend: Playing with Insecurity

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Triggered Topics: Minimizing - Insecure vs Secure - Oppressive Dynamics.

Whether it's you who struggles with these moments as a trigger or someone you know - we can all use tools to recondition cultural beliefs that aren't realistic or helpful to our personal experience as a human being. It starts with you, so have a journal on hand or a good friend to dialogue with what comes up for you in this episode. And if you can't play with this today? That's okay too. Stay curious. We'll see you later, or in the next episode friend.

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