EMPOWERED HUMAN with Nina Garcia

“Not Emotionally Sober” with Nina Garcia

January 18, 2023 Nina Garcia Season 4 Episode 3
EMPOWERED HUMAN with Nina Garcia
“Not Emotionally Sober” with Nina Garcia
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This one is going to hit home, as Nina herself shares a personal moment of overwhelming grief and the cost of a single night of drinking. Listen in as the Drama Therapist herself offers an exploration of triggers, funnels, and choices when we lose our emotional sobriety - and what it takes to pick up the pieces. Give yourself some grace out there folks: you can only clean up your side of the street.

Get ready to:

💌Explore what it means to be emotionally sober in your own life.

💌Play with emotional funneling & emotional regulation.

💌Challenge yourself to get vulnerable & ask yourself: Am I emotionally sober?

You matter ❣️


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Whether it's you who struggles with these moments as a trigger or someone you know - we can all use tools to recondition cultural beliefs that aren't realistic or helpful to our personal experience as a human being. It starts with you, so have a journal on hand or a good friend to dialogue with what comes up for you in this episode. And if you can't play with this today? That's okay too. Stay curious. We'll see you later, or in the next episode friend.

TRIGGERED TOPICS TO PLAY WITH: Sobriety - Grief - Divorce. Be sure to subscribe, share, and rate/write a review if this is your jam friends. New episodes Wednesdays, ~30 minutes to match your next tea break with a takeaway in every episode: subscribe for notifications. Music courtesy of Purple Planet Music at https://www.purple-planet.com.

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